Story of Teja Varada (Founder and Proprietor)

A Failed Aquascaper…

The thought for formation of amidst COVID-19 crisis. I have been an aqua scaper for quite some time maintaining and experimenting with some of the best products. However, I used to spend lots and lots of money on aquascaping equipment due to lack of guidance on selecting the best products for maintaining. I researched a lot on to find out the best products available in the market for maintaining. Then I have decided to make the best available product in the market at the best prices prevailing in the market so as to ensure no other aqua scaper like me shall lose their hard earned money. I assure you that you get the best product from our website at best prices.

Presently I’m Dealer for


Andhra Pradesh and Telangana

and supplying products to maxium stores in INDIA

Teja varada

Founder and Proprietor